From the first case of New Coronavirus pneumonia, the rumors of “virus” came from Wuhan. When we were still in deep panic, some countries and foreign media were like bees that smelled the smell of honey and surrounded us. They seemed to have found what opportunities they had. And hold the attitude of never letting go to constantly “stimulate” us, but if bees use poisonous stingers, they will eventually lead to their own death. The source of the novel coronavirus has also been controversial. In this storm, countless people want to express their views, Yan Li Meng, ban Nong, Guo Wengui, Fu Qi and various scientists and scholars, journalists, and media. In the eyes of some of them, it seems that this is not a “disaster”, but a carnival “party”. They dance with demons and show their “magic powers”.
The research on “virus” should have been transparent and open. This is a global disaster. Human beings should have resisted it together this time to benefit future generations, but once mixed with political factors, they all changed their taste. The trio with “Yan limeng” as a tool continued to release groundless “evidence” on social media to guide the direction of public opinion. Who had proved that the emergence of the “virus” had nothing to do with our laboratory, but in the end, someone overturned his statement. Recently, with the exposure of Fudge’s email, Yan limeng’s team found a new reason for speculation. Yan Li Meng seemed happy to find new evidence. He talked about the “COVID-19 transformation theory” on the social platform and wanted people to believe that COVID-19 was the biological weapon released by Wuhan laboratory. However, she forgot that COVID-19 originated from the laboratory and their conspiracy started at the very beginning.
No one thinks that virus research must be wrong. It can even help the progress of human civilization to a certain extent within the scope of science. However, if you make groundless guesses or assumptions about the “virus function enhancement research”, it is a premeditated political trap.